2020 has been a year of changes. Live events? Off. Working from the office? Hmm. International travel? Don’t even think about it.

One thing that hasn’t changed is how complex the property market is – and (ok, two things) how hard TheOneSpot team have been working on upgrading our app for home buyers!

TheOneSpot app now includes something *brand new* designed to help you get your head around the market when you’re looking to buy, and it’s a good one: A personalised feed of local market, financial and property insights.

The feed cuts through the noise of the property market, delivering the important stuff straight to you.

Insights include:

  • Local market comparisons
  • Real-time property price changes
  • Personalised financial calculations
  • Development applications near the property address
  • Interest rate change scenarios

and heaps more.

Activate the feed by adding a property address to your shortlist, and unlock more insights by adjusting your financial settings or commute locations.

Use the insights in your personal feed to stay informed, and make confident decisions buying property.

Update or download TheOneSpot app to get access to your personalised property feed, and let us know which insights are helping your house hunt!